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Virtual Courses - Synergy Public Relations

PR Basic Dos & Don'ts

$ 97
  • This one-module express course covers our top 5 things to do when building/running a successful consumer facing brand and the top 5 PR pitfalls to avoid brand embarrassment. Great for new businesses, rebranding businesses and social media influencers.

PR Readiness 101

$ 197
  • A one-module course that covers milestones that your brand needs to reach before launching your public relations, marketing and advertising campaigns.

Professional Media Training

$ 497
  • This two-module course is designed to develop your radio, magazine and television interviewing skills. Learn the art of brand messaging, holding audience attention and converting listeners to customers—during every media opportunity.

DIY PR Package

$ 2497
  • Not ready to put a firm on retainer, but need PR presence? This four-module course focuses on the fundamentals of creating and executing successful public relations campaigns. You'll learn: media pitch formulation, media outreach techniques, follow up management, converting journalists to liaisons, how to build long term relationships with outlets and landing the placement! We'll also cover specifics of capturing local, regional, national and global media.